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3 years ago
I'd always fly with Pussy Airlines
Almani 1 year ago
That should be normal to please the passengers, on every flight
rusia daddy 3 years ago
are they "kings" or sometyhing?
BS!!!! 1 year ago
This is just utterly disrespectful to such a respectful job
P.L.Sharma. 3 years ago
Very nice video, A lot of thanks.
2 years ago
It would be awesome getting a job on these airliners! Being fondled all the time!
Ehhh 1 year ago
As a porno it's sexy but in real life kinda awful. Stinky sweaty women walking by so you can be the 98626848535756th person to touch them. They're pussy is dry as hell from the stale air and ugly crusty old dudes pawing at them. The smell of sex and genitals is gross. Unless youre a perverted virgin, the novelty wears in 1 hour.
Polygamist 2 years ago
I would love for my Asian wife to get a job with this airlines. She is a bit on the old side, but very fit and firm.
AirAsia 1 year ago
Lets make this airline a reality
1 year ago
Where do I get flights like this